Why are Vitamins and Minerals important?
Why do I age? Why do I get sick? Why do I get diseases?
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Good health becomes a lot more simple when you realize there are three main causes to health problems. The first is lack of proper nutrition which also includes getting enough good sleep, exercise, pure water, having the proper pH level and some sun. The second is avoiding toxins. The last is releasing stored negative emotions because they can cause physical problems and oftentimes when they are released the physical problems will go away. Some feel that most physical problems actually start with stored negative emotions.

Vitamins and Minerals
Most have heard that these are important to good health but they don't actually know much about them. Vitamins and minerals are found in living things like plants. For vitamins to be able to do their job they require minerals. Because you can't eat good enough to get all of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs each day it is important to take supplements. The problem is that there are all kinds of different supplements on the market. Some work, some don't, and some are even dangerous.

Because most people are not educated about supplements most people will waste their money on ineffective or even dangerous supplements.

When you take supplements they go from your stomach into your intestines whereby the body determines where certain nutrients are most needed. If a certain organ needs more of a certain nutrient the body will send what it can to that organ. Without the proper nutrition your organs can not function at optimal levels and over time they break down and can even stop functioning which can put you in a life or death situation.

In a large study of 26,000 people it was shown that not one person was getting the proper levels of nutritional support. It is not a question of "if" you need to supplement any longer. It is a "must" if you care at all about your health. Insufficient vitamin and mineral intake can cause chronic diseases.

Vitamins and minerals:
* Build up your immune system
* Increase your energy level
* Enhance your appearance
* Expand your intelligence

How you look and feel up to the last day you are on this planet depends on your lifestyle and the vitamin and mineral intake throughout your entire life. If you haven't been getting the right nutrition you need to get started today!

You need to supplement with vitamins and minerals because:
* There is no longer the right nutrients in the soil so that they will also not be in the plants.
* Many people do not have good digestive systems which affects how nutrients are absorbed.
* Cooking food at high temperatures destroys nutrients.
* Microwave cooking alters and destroys nutrients.
* There is little nutrition in most processed foods.
* Lots of toxins are used in the raising and production of crops so that they have low nutritional value.
* The use of drugs such as antibiotics interfere with the absorption of nutrients.
* Poor lifestyle habits such as smoking, alcohol, soda, and drugs can inhibit the proper absorption of nutrients and can also accelerate the loss of them.
* Stress can increase the requirement of vitamins and minerals.
* Vitamins and minerals need to be in the proper balance. If one or more are deficient it can have a domino effect and effect the other nutrients in a negative manner.

How do you choose?
It is important to choose supplements that are made from natural and wholefood substances. Many of the cheap supplements that you see on the store shelves are made from synthetic ingredients. These are substances made by man in a laboratory and your body does not recognize these and does not know what to do with them. They will enter your body and just go out the other end or some of the ingredients could be dangerous and cause health problems. So you think you are taking a supplement for good health but it ends up causing you problems. When it comes to quality supplements you simply can't get quality for "cheap". You will get cheap synthetic supplements for cheap and they can end up doing a lot of damage so what initially was cheap can end up costing you your health which can be very expensive.

That is why it pays in so many ways to use good quality supplements. I highly recommend for vitamins our Master Formula and for minerals our Mineral Essence. Take our 90 day challenge. Take these two products for 90 days and see how much better you look and feel. You will never want to be without them! Because our products have the best essential oils in the world in them our products work so much better than any other products on the market. No matter what you take it will do you no good if the vitamins and minerals can't get into your cells. Essential oils are the very best delivery system to get nutrition into your cells and to remove toxins from the cells. They can even get through the thickest of cell walls.

What's more important than your health?
The answer is nothing! When you lose your health everyone around you suffers. If you really love others then you will take care of yourself.

Your health is dependent on the health of your cells. For good health you want to protect and properly feed your cells. What causes problems in our cells? Something called free radicals. Free radicals alter or destroy cells. 

Free radicals come from things like smoking, sugar, stress, pesticides, pollution, drugs, food additives, x-rays, chlorine in treated water, mercury and many other things. One cigarette generates approximately one quadrillion free radicals!

So what is the solution to dealing with free radicals? You want to be putting antioxidants into your body every day to fight the free radicals and the damage that they can do. Your cells are constantly being attacked each and every day and if they could talk and if you could hear them, they would be shouting "Help Me!". There is a war going on inside your body and the free radicals are the bad guys. You need to fight back with the good guys, the antioxidants. Antioxidants are your body's defense against free radicals so that they can protect you against premature aging, sickness, and disease.

Scientists now believe that free radicals are the cause of nearly every known disease. Antioxidants can influence how fast and how well we age. Antioxidants protect DNA from damage caused by free radicals.

When things show up as symptoms the underlying problem is free radicals. You need to work on the underlying problem if you want to regain your good health. Your body can only use good nutrition to correct the errors. 

Antioxidants come from plants. We have two fantastic products that everyone should be taking every day. Our Ningxia Red is a fantastic juice that handles water soluble free radicals. Our Longevity Softgels are fantastic at taking care of fat soluble free radicals. You don't want to go another day without these. Both of these products are critical to good health and protecting your cells from free radicals. The essential oils that are in them not only protect the cells but if the DNA is damaged can help to correct the mistaken and damaged DNA. Again take our 90 day challenge. Use these products for 90 days and see how much better you look and feel!

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